My rights, your rights

To the Editor:

Was just watching the news and they were interviewing an Occupy Movement member and he stated that they had civil and free rights to protest! What I would like to know is, "What about the people whose lives they are interrupting, the ones trying to get to and from work as they block off bridges and streets?" One couple stated that the movement was taking away their right to peace and quiet, also interrupting their six-month-old baby's sleep with all the noise.

Also heard that some protesters were spitting, throwing feces and vinegar into the faces of the police. Now don't get me wrong everyone has the right to protest but if they want their voices heard, has anyone of them heard of doing it peacefully? You don't need to destroy someone's property or their rights to get your point across.

I understand why the protesters were told to get out of the parks with their tents, the ones not in the movement also have the right to use those parks, as well as the streets and sidewalks. Rights are rights, be it civil or speech, they are for everyone, not just the Occupy Movement members. As it seems to me, they don't care about those they are inconveniencing and stripping them of their right to everyday functions. Oh, also a lot of stores have had to close because customers can't get to them, so they are stopping the owners of their right to make a living. Again the occupiers don't care! It's all about me and what I can get out of this.

Still would like to know where these occupiers are getting their money to be out there for two-plus months?

Keep smiling and be thankful it's not downtown St. Jay or Lyndonville. Let Burlington have it, they deserve it, they want everything else. Now they've got it, deal with it,

Mayor Kiss will save the day, LOL. As will what's his name in the governor's office, can't seem to or don't want to remember his name. If you don't like what I've said get over it, this is my first amendment right, freedom of speech.

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.


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