For a better St. Johnsbury

To the Editor:

Please, let me for a moment, ask that you consider the St. Johnsbury of the future. I know that it is everyone's hope that our town will be a beacon of prosperity in New England. A place where a strong educational system creates a vigorous business and industrial climate. One that attracts businesses due to its well-educated working class. A town with a robust economy that does not lean on its citizens for financial support. One that rather, due to its booming economy, has a business climate that perpetuates a thriving tax base.

Our future begins now. Never has it been the way of Vermonters to shrink from a fight. Will we back down now, simply because economic times are tough? Will we be the ones to tell the least among us, the children, that they are not worth that fight? Would your parents or your grandparents shrink from sacrifice for you? I believe that these children are worth the fight. They are the ones who will make this town, and the NEK a place of pride and security as we become more reliant on them in our later years.

St Johnsbury was built upon the Fairbanks Scale Company. Mr Fairbanks believed in the role of education. So much so, that he built The St Johnsbury Trade School as a center for science and technology. Due to his influence St. Johnsbury Academy was established bringing even further support for the development of knowledge. The Fairbanks Scale Company and St. Johnsbury flourished due to his investment (at a time of economic downturn) in the educational system. He believed it was worth it. He had a vision (but he didn't have the money at that time). His gamble paid off. We now have a museum, Athenaeum, and schools to testify that investment now leads to a better, brighter future. We can do it again! Please join with me in supporting the school budget with your vote.

David Hetzelt

St Johnsbury, Vt.


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