Freedom of speech

To the Editor:

I'm aghast at Mr. Lahout's threat and continuing complaints. Apologies were made, and made again. It's done. Go spend money on an attorney ... that is your choice. But, throwing your money and presence in the community to attempt to force a (perhaps unpaid) Lincoln planner from her position, is also your choice. A choice I don't agree with.

Freedom of speech protects everyone. And, to paraphrase, "you, kind gentleman, doth protest too much." Personally, I would have taken Ms. Strickon's comment as sarcasm (but, I wasn't there) ... I, myself, will use Google to find out just exactly what a Lebanese pancake is. However, with your demonstrated business acumen, I'd predict your new venture will be a success.

The rising power of the self-proclaimed politically correct is ... scary. I am in favor of gay rights, however, forcing a CEO out of a company for making a donation against gay marriage a few years ago, is in my mind, a witch hunt. I don't agree with him ... however, I would go out of my way to defend his freedom to make said contribution.

Bill Mutschler

East Burke, Vt.

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