Front page news?

To the Editor:

While I do not question your right to print the news as you see fit, I do question your judgment in running the article concerning Dr. Mark Meredith on Jan. 30. If you or I were to go through divorce proceedings, I doubt that we would expect to see the legal machinations as front page news. Not only is this topic not newsworthy (I can't see why anyone would feel the public needs to know these facts), but it could certainly make an unfortunate situation worse.

Dr. Meredith is a fine surgeon and an asset to our Northeast Kingdom community. I have been his patient, as have several of my acquaintances, and I am grateful for his skills. I trust that should I need surgical services again, that Dr. Meredith will still be in Newport and able to tend to my needs. In the future, please consider the possible consequences of publishing a similar article; think beyond just printing what you consider to be news.

Keith H. Beadle

Derby Line, Vt.

Editor's note: In most cases we would agree with the author. Our coverage of divorces is most always limited to monthly listings. The case involving Dr. Meredith was unusual because it rose to the level of the state's highest court, the Vermont Supreme Court. Dr. Meredith is also involved in a criminal case, resulting from an alleged domestic disturbance.


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