Gasoline tax again?

To the Editor:

Two Senators have proposed a 12 cents a gallon gas federal tax increase to get funds for improving our highway and transit programs.

I have some questions. Why is both federal and state gas tax money going to transit programs and general funds?

If it is a gas tax then use it for bridges and roads? Why should the gas tax I pay go to inner city train/bus/subway service? Why should I subsidize inner city travel?

When the gas tax was created, it was to help the general fund and not for bridges and roads. The tax was 1 cent and gas was about 10 cents per gallon.

The gas tax was increased several times but in 1956 when it was raised to 3 cents per gallon, the tax was to pay for roads and maintenance and not part of the general fund.

The gas tax increased with America's love of cars and roads, but George H. Bush increased the gas tax and half the tax was supposed to go to deficit reduction.

Well we can see how that worked. We were taxed to help bring down the deficit and instead of cutting the deficit, it is in the trillions. So let's take the money that is supposed to go to deficit reduction and put that to the roads and bridges.

Canada just approved pipeline to Pacific Coast for export to China. Canada was tired of the US jerking them around. I am tired of the federal government jerking me around.

I was in favor of the Keystone Pipeline. I would rather get energy from an ally then the Middle East, especially with what is happening in Iraq now.

I paid $3.52 a gallon yesterday for gas. What will we pay next month? Next year? 5 or 10 years from now with the energy and taxing plans of our government?

Linda Riley

Meredith N.H.


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