To the Editor:

In the debate over "Renewable Energy" in Vermont's future, one commonality seems to be, 'preserving' Vermont for 'future generations'. I'm confused by what is meant by 'future generations'. I believe, along with many others, that we should turn over to our children and grandchildren, the 'future generations', a state that is as good or better than the one left to us. One with the pristine beauty of the ridges, the pure water of our lakes, streams, etc., and all other facets of a clean and healthy environment.

It seems that some people in the state, including many elected and appointed representatives, see 'future generations', not as children and grandchildren, but as kilowatts and megawatts, future 'electricity' generations. There are some distinct benefits to this way of thinking. We could actually blast the mountains down and make new ones out of concrete. This alone has several advantages. The footings would be in place for future industrial projects. There wouldn't be any wildlife (or their supporters) to get in the way. We could even fix God's oversight, by forming huge flat areas on 'our' mountains for industrial wind turbines (IWT). The ridges could also be made flat for roads connecting the IWTs. If God had any insight at all, He would have thought of this Himself. I guess nobody is perfect, except wind developers. Ask them. They seem to have all the answers.

Of course when all this happens, we won't need a governor anymore. There won't be any citizens to govern, just operations & maintenance personnel. Maybe Governor Shumlin could become CEO, and the other politicians could be on the Board of Directors of the 'Great Generation State of Vermont' (has a nice infrasound to it). Maybe Vermont's star on the flag can be green instead of white. Better yet, remove the star from the U.S. Flag and put it on the Canadian Flag, since most electric power in Vermont is controlled by them.

Vermont, "Preserved for Future 'Electricity' Generations". What a Legacy!! Thank you Governor Shumlin, Senators Sanders and Leahy, Representative Welch, and all others who are instrumental in the fight to remove all life forms from the state to preserve it for 'future generations'.

Here are a few slogans they could use to get the (wrecking) ball rolling: "A Kilowatt In Every Pot"; "When Better Mountains Are Built... IWTs Will Be On Them"; "As American As Mom, Apple Pie, Baseball, And Industrial Wind"; "There's Something New On The Horizon... IWTs"; "Got Wind Turbines?"; "IWTs, The Other White Towers"; "When You Think Of Big Wind, Think Of Us"; and of course, "Pass Wind To Your Kids".

With Regards,

John M. Lewandowski

Newark, Vt.


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