Dissent is a American privilege

To the Editor:

"People Action" of Concord, N.H., reports that the U.S. maintains 700 military buses in over 100 countries. Some are just a military occupation like Guantanamo. Some have secret prisons where torture is OK. U.S. spends as much on "defense" as the rest of the world combined. In 2010 Pentagon Chiefs received $698 billion. 58 percent of the discretionary budget goes to the Pentagon. That is 1/3 of the annual deficit. This "military industrial" bureaucracy is supported by a large majority in Congress. Its the only thing both parties get consensus on. "Defense lobbyist" with deep pockets pay campaign financing. Maintaining military spending is the goal. Portsmouth Navy yard and B.M.E. of Nashua are examples. Social programs are cut. Health care, schools, highways are not priorities anymore. How can 2 subs in Portsmouth for repairs costing millions of dollars help Whitefield and the North Country? We just lost more jobs as Brown Street Pine Factory just closed. We have three intelligence agencies. They spy on each other. One the C.I.A. with drone aircraft assassinate tribal leaders on donkeys and their families. The result? More insurgents. Are we getting out of Iraq and Afghanistan? No. Thousands of war contractors remain and are pouring concrete for permanent bases. Sanctions on Iran spiked oil prices. Europe depends on atomic power. Why is their effort to produce the same so hard to believe?

Paul Revere and the Minute Men were insurgents by definition. We thought they were good guys. The War Department was changed to defense departments. They had it right the first time.

Maybe Ross Perot had it right. A third party and a Dept. of Peace. The rewards would be many. 1. No baby boys coming home. 2. Regain respect in a global economy. 3. No longer the largest exporter of military hardware. 4. Removal of sanctions on "bad nations" like Cuba. A huge market there and in Iran and Columbia that we lost. 5. Immigration reform (We are all immigrants). 6. Remove the huge national debt from the shoulders of our children. 7. Reduce global poverty. Food is cheaper than guns.

As an American, dissent is an important privilege. We haven't lost it yet.

George Glidden

Whitefield, N.H.


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