Get the keys

To the Editor:

As any company or business would do, the town of St.J. should change the locks and the passwords in the computers and the numbers on the safe just like Mr. Nelson was so anxious to do when Sandy got done. That is just the right protocol when you relieve someone of their duties in that capacity. I am just wondering how much of a background check they did on him before they hired him.

Now again I hope the select board takes their time and look at all the qualified people that we have locally. They do not have to advertise out in the Midwest or wherever. I am sure we have plenty of people right here in town that are qualified to do the job just right. When you choose someone locally then you are hiring someone that knows the people and the town itself which is half of the job. What we do not need is another one like the one we just got rid of, thank you very much.

The best thing we could do is put the job out for election just like the town clerk's job is and let the townspeople choose their own town manager so we do not end up with something like that again.

The morning after Nelson got fired I was talking to another supporter of canning Nelson and we thought putting out a petition to switch it to an elected position but we haven't done anything yet. I hope if anyone thinks that is a good idea then let's hear it.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.

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