GMP violates environmental laws

To the Editor:

How many times will Green Mountain Power be allowed to violate the state's environmental laws without being forced to shut down the Lowell Wind Project? Green Mountain Power sees these delays as annoying little set-backs, instead of egregious violations of their "contract" with the state. I am wondering how much rain, silt and debris will be traveling down the mountainside after a heavy rain and the new stormwater controls are put in place. Experts think they are experimental and bound to fail.

The rush to move to "green" power is more a move to fill a gap that will be left if Vermont Yankee is forced to close, than a concern for the environment or a desire to lower utility rates. This explains Green Mountain Power's cavalier approach to the environmental problems they are creating. If it wasn't for government kickbacks and dramatic changes in state policy, these projects might not even happen. There are less destructive and more effective ways to help our environment, than these wind projects can provide.

The cart before the horse approach of the utility companies is very troublesome. With a seemingly endless supply of money coming from Canada, Green Mountain Power believes they can buy their way into Vermont's future. So far, they are very close to succeeding. Their latest attempt to buy out one of the strongest opponents to the Lowell Wind Project or sue him if he doesn't comply is a worrisome development indeed. Unless something changes, our beautiful mountains and the independence of Vermonters who choose to live near them will be replaced by even more powerful utilities and larger and more intrusive wind projects.

Monstrous wind projects with their giant towers will stand as a testament to bad policy decisions and the power of money and influence on a small state that once prided itself on protecting the unspoiled beauty of its natural environment.

Richard Rumery

Newport Center, Vt.


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