Go back on vacation

To the Editor:

I will tell you one thing, if I came here on vacation and took a job I really was not looking for but decided to stay to help out this poor town that is in such turmoil then we should be paying for a one-way ticket to Anyplace, USA, so he can return to his big baseball career and not worry about this little $80,000 a year job here in St. Johnsbury.

If I was let go from a job you can bet I would not want it back knowing they do not want me there. I am sure the baseball jobs pay a whole lot more than this little job. I am not sure if he was union in baseball or not but it does make a difference. For his sake I hope he didn't leave his baseball job the way he is leaving this job, who knows.

I am glad that the select board finally grew some coconuts and let him go because we were losing a lot of good town employees. As far as the personal computer he should have not had any of that info on his own personal computer just for security reasons. I hope the next town manager the town will get him a town computer and if he either quits or gets fired then all he needs to do is turn it over to the select board. And since it will have only town material on it the passwords should be in the town vault or with the select board chairman.

With the kids getting out of school soon, drivers should take a little extra look out for them before taking off. The kids just dart out right in front of you so be careful and safe please.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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