Guildhall correction

To the Editor:

In a one-paragraph letter to the editor of the Caledonian-Record (May 17, 2013) Attorney Kyle Sipples of Zuccaro, Willis & Sipples manages to make two misleading statements regarding the Guildhall School Board case.

The whole truth is that no Court cleared Matt Smith and Helen Martin of wrongdoing. The case never reached the merits. Smith and Martin have so far evaded responsibility for their actions based on a technicality. The Court essentially said that whether or not they had broken the law and abused the public trust, they couldn't be sued as individuals, only as school board members.

Secondly, the school board's defense of the lawsuit is being funded by the town's insurance policy.

It is true that the Guildhall School Board decided to pay more than $10,000 to Sipples for his representation of Smith and Martin who were sued in their individual capacities. Sipples made the long drive to Guildhall several times (all on the clock) in order to sit through meetings and to advise Smith and Martin to "just shut up" He filed motion after motion asking the Court to order the town to pay his legal fees for representing individual clients in their individual capacities. This seemed to be his central focus. Finally the school board caved in and paid him.

Eight months after his clients were dismissed from the suit on his own motion, Sipples is still busy filing motions and writing letters to the editor in this case. His most recent motion is a lengthy objection to the plaintiffs' proposed final judgment order. Who will Sipples be running the clock on this time? We trust it will not be the Guildhall School Board.

Ed Clark

Guildhall, Vt.


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