Obama's pit stop

To The Editor:

Well I see that your president is going to make a pit stop in our little state, hope he doesn't need a rest area as the state closed them.

Of course he is not just stopping to say hi, split some Ben & Jerry's, or have pancakes with real Vermont maple syrup. Get real, he's stopping for more of your money. Seems tickets are on sale for $100 you get the nose-bleed section, or, now this is depends on the news source, it can cost anywhere from $7500 to $35,000-plus to rub elbows and maybe a photo-op.

If you can afford the pricier tickets, why not donate it to Irene relief, a food shelf, or a homeless shelter, or does this make too much sense. Instead of helping someone less fortunate for weeks, even months, you'd would rather spend it on a couple of hours with your leader. Hope you can sleep at night.

Well, as for me, I wouldn't spend one cent to be in the same room with him. I would take the $100 and splurge on something for me, like fuel, food, electric, taxes or whatever else springs up.

I'm sure there will be plenty of you willing to throw your money away, just so you can say you saw the Man. I'd be willing to bet that Leahy, Welch and maybe Sanders will be there to see if anything rubs off, or to kiss up. Excuse me I left out your governor, he too will be rubbing elbows.

Why can't the Prez just stop and say hello, how are you, instead of wanting your money. We'll have to see how many of you have more money than you need, when they release how much was raised here in Vermont.

As you know he will not make an appearance in the Northeast Kingdom, just on the western side of the state. We here would be glad to donate. Let's see, we could donate some extra bills that we can't pay, maybe a cow or two, or a cord of wood, anyone of which is worth more than the $100 fee. See and they didn't think we could afford a ticket on this side of the state.

Keep smiling. Oh I would gladly donate the $7500 or $35,000, if I had it, to watch the President and his family move out of the White House next January. Good luck on that one happening.

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.


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