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To the Editor:

I am writing concerning the VT Republican Convention which was held in Montpelier on May 19th. As a first time delegate I did not know what to expect, but now I know that they care only about themselves and hate anyone that tries to stand up for the truth, liberty, freedom and constitutional rights. I was displeased and very disgusted with what took place. It was like a bunch of preschoolers fighting over who would win the game and cheating in every way possible, so it would look like they won.

As you have probably guessed, I am a Ron Paul supporter and I was not alone at the convention. Though we were not the majority, there were many other Ron Paul supporters there, and quite frankly this seemed to scare them. It appeared that they were worried because they had changed the rules some time the night before. No one was happy when they saw that the rules were changed but while they were trying to decide what could be done about it, the chairman Jack Lindley went in and started the convention without even announcing it or anything. A lot of the delegates weren't even on the convention floor yet. It was our understanding it would start at 10:00 a.m. and he started at 9:20.

Also it was said each campaign could have four observers on the floor (that weren't delegates). There was a lot more than four Mitt Romney people in there and they would only let one of our Ron Paul guys in until after the voting. They had Romney people guarding the door so no one else could go in. Meanwhile the Romney people were inside holding up signs that read Yes and No, telling the people how to vote. Those from our group who had to stay out said that the "guards" bad mouthed us the whole time, saying that we had come in with a bad attitude.

Lindley wouldn't even let the delegates running for National Delegate give speeches. How are the people suppose to know who they want to vote for if they don't even know what the representatives believe?

Now I know why a lot of people say the only difference between Republicans and Democrats is the name, I think I would have to agree.

By the way I believe that if Ron Paul gets the nomination that he will win! But if Mitt Romney gets the nomination he doesn't stand a chance against Obama.

So if you're for Freedom, Peace and Constitutional Liberties, vote for Ron Paul in the coming election!

For freedom,

Katie Hartsock

Lyndonville, Vt.


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