To the Editor:

You are touchingly naïve and a poor military historian if you believe that Adolph Hitler lost World War II. The precipitous decline of the stock market in 2008 was a vivid acknowledgement that he did not. Only massive government manipulation both here and abroad achieved by injecting many trillions of dollars successfully avoided collapse and diverted the public's attention from Hitler's impending victory. Currently, Russia is scrambling to buffer itself in the Ukraine. It lost 20 million to Hitler's invasion in WWII. It faces a far greater disaster today from Hitler's many clones.

And what does Hitler represent? Militant, virulent homosexuality. Adolph Hitler was history's quintessential queer and World War II was naught but the ultimate homosexual temper tantrum. The secular media relentlessly advances Hitler's homosexual legacy and relies upon screeching homophobic charges to cower the opposition into silent submission. The 21st century gay organization GLAAD, the inheritor of the 20th century homosexual tradition of the SA muscular Brownshirts led by flamboyant, murderous homosexual Ernest Roehm, leads this charge. But homophobia is the fear of man. Anyone who needs a user's manual to instruct him how to be a man is hardly a man.

Homosexual 'Hitler-philia' seeks to reverse the outcome of WWII. In doing so it mocks my West Point alma mater by casting it as a strategic simpleton. Vastly more important, it profoundly insults my late father and millions of other WWII veterans. My response is limited by two factors. First, my physical functions were significantly degraded by my severe stroke suffered over a quarter century ago. Second, my monthly income of $1,900 from Social Security disability considerably limits my options. No matter. Homosexuality will not overturn the results of WWII. Any organization is sickeningly pathetic that has as its prime exemplar Adolph Hitler.

Michael W. Johnson, Ph.D.

Fairlee, Vt.


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