Honoring our veterans

To the Editor:

When did you vote for president of the Veterans' Administration? Bernie Sanders, Patrick Leahy and the media would have us believe this is an autonomous organization. They supposedly seek resignation of the administrator. There's much criticism of Obama -- justifiable or not? The VA's administration is an administrative responsibility and therefore ALL problems fall to Obama's selection of administrator and administration of Congress' specifications and budgeting of our taxes for our veterans.

Leahy is co-chairman of Senate National Guard Caucus; and, Sanders serves the Senate on the Veterans' Affairs committee! Both men receive 100s probably 1,000s of calls from veterans (and families) begging for help because of their positions. They BOTH had to have known of the enormous issues with the VA. If fact, my family has waited since 2005 for action. Just a few of the issues before them recently: Mismarked graves; AIDS infections from unclean colonoscopy tools; slashes in pay; cuts in benefits; rapes; suicides and now lies that have caused deaths!

We don't need yet another law! President Barack Obama needs to fire and prosecute all those that lied! And all those that did NOTHING! This would include Leahy and Sanders -- both did nothing!

Support a veteran -- FIRE Vermont's Congressmen by never voting early, write-in your choice for office so the electronic vote hopefully will not be able to select for you! Your oath to vote requires you to vote to insure OUR CONSTITUTIONAL mandates are upheld.


Laura Brueckner

Waterbury Center, Vt.


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