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How can parents do this to their kids - Steve Fortin

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How can parents do this to their kids

To the Editor:

I was watching Nancy Grace tonight and she had a program on how many children die in vehicles in the hot summer months. I just cannot understand how anybody could do this to any child especially their own child. There is no way a person can say that they were not gone long and have their kids dead in a car from all the heat. I do not even care if you left the windows down a little it does not matter because the car still heats up. I do not know the difference between the temp from the outside to the inside of a car but I am sure it has to be twice as hot in the car but even if it isn't it is a lot hotter than it is outside of the car. What can be so important that you need to leave your kids in a car for any length of time in the heat. I do not care if you are at a job interview or at the welfare office that is no excuse to do that to your children.

Besides leaving the children in the car with the heat how about someone stealing your kids or hurting them or them getting out of the car and something happening to them. There is no excuse to do this to the children who love there parents and believe they will be safe with them and come to find out the parents are the ones that will do them big harm or death.

So I hope people will think twice about doing this to their children and keep these babies safe. When I say babies I mean any child and any age that your kids are and you brought these babies into the world and you should protect them till you die. People might disagree with me but we still do any and everything we can to help our children and grandkids, just ask them they will tell you and we are proud of it.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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