How can this be legal?

To the Editor:

It is amazing that for a minor to get checked for an injury or illness at the Emergency Room at the hospital that they need to contact a parent or guardian to get permission for them to treat the minor. Now that I agree with and the part I do not agree with is the parent or guardian cannot get any info on what this child says to the nurse or attending Physician if they are not in the room with them at the time. They cannot find out if the child is pregnant or many other things that could happen to a child.

When did they make the law that kids have privacy rights but when they get in trouble with the police then the parents get in trouble and they have no idea what is going on because they cannot find out anything because of the privacy act. No doubt that there are situations where it is needed to protect the child but there are a lot of parents that are good people and try their best but in today's world you just never know. It is the parents that say "my little johnnie would never lie or do that" that have no clue on what their children are doing. So as parents how can they get the info that might eventually get the child hurt or worse down the road. By giving kids the right to privacy against their parents is just tearing family's apart especially when all these kids know all they need to do is make up a story just so they think they can get out of something and they do not understand the implications that it could bring even though it is not true.

Please keep asking your kids questions no matter how mad they get. Just remember you are the parent and not their best friend.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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