If Shumlin is re-elected

To the Editor:

For a few last words about Vermonters future in regards to how we will be able to afford to live here in Vermont. If Peter Shumlin is reelected, we Vermonters will no longer have the choice of health care unless a "Gold Platinum" policy can be afforded. Everyone else will have no freedom of choice because a State managed and controlled system to cover the general Vermonters will be the new way. We will have to wait in line for appointments and medical attention which could mean weeks or even longer. This is the way Canada is now and the Canadians do not care for this system. This system, not only does it take away our rights but also will reflect in higher taxes. This system is called the Catamount system which has been tried before and failed due to its cost. Many comments have been made that if this happens they will be moving to another state. Do we want to lose our native Vermonters because of Peter Shumlin?

Our economy will continue to decline as Peter Shumlin is destroying our beautiful Mountain Ranges for the purpose of Corporate Greed to a foreign country. Tourism is one of our largest industries in Vermont and certainly in the Northeast Kingdom and we need not to lose this industry. It is my opinion that we should not be destroying one natural resource for ever to gain from another for a relatively a short time. He has guaranteed GMP or Gaz Metro a 9.5 % profit from the nearly 200 million dollar project in Lowell. Where is this money coming from? As Peter Shumlin has said before, I'll find the money somewhere. This somewhere is the pockets of the working class of Vermonters. We need to support Randy Brock for our next Governor to keep Vermont and Vermonters together. Only together can we get there!

Delvin Warner

Lowell Vt.


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