Illegal immigrant children/teens

To the Editor:

The State of Massachusetts will be accepting some of the influx of the illegal children/teens crossing the border.

These children/teens are held in deplorable conditions. After they go through the system, they are given a bus ticket to where they want to go and dropped off at the bus station.

To think that some of illegal children/teens will not make their way to NH is naïve.

Governor Hassan is not aware of the state of NH being asked to take some of these illegal children/teens. Not aware. She should be aware.

So in the future, if not already, NH could be receiving these illegal children/teens.

Funds will be needed for these new additions to the school and medical systems. Housing will have to be provided if they are not going to a relative already here. This costs money. This costs the towns and states money. This is an added burden to budgets.

Towns in MA are having these problems. Manchester already has additional homeless that it is responsible to provide housing.

The Democratic House voted against a bill that would allow scholarship money to send their children to the schools of their choosing.

I keep hearing the Democrats say "for the children". Yet they vote against programs for children that are citizens of this country.

I feel for these children, but it is not the responsibility of the US to take care of the rest of the world. We can no longer afford it.

For the children. Let's think of our children first. There are many children in this country, in this state, that need help.

Governor Perry is sending about 1000 National Guard to the border. He asked the President to do this. But the President has not acted. Therefore Governor Perry has to act. The cost will then have to be covered by the State of Texas. An additional cost to Texans, besides the influx in their school and hospitals. A cost that they would not have to have if the President enforced our borders.

Kudos to Governor Perry. I hope other southern governors will have his courage. We must stand with them in protecting our sovereignty.

We must have secure borders now.

Linda Riley

Meredith N.H.


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