In response to Mr. Garcia's letter

To the Editor:

I was captivated by Mr. Garcia's letter regarding the theft of his son's iPad at the Kiwanis Pool. I can certainly relate to Mr. Garcia's frustration as my family experienced a similar situation.

On April 29, 2013, my son was in a class at the St. Johnsbury Academy when a student boldly snuck my son's iPod out of his backpack. The student made a sarcastic remark to my son which is when my son realized that this student had his iPod. My son repeatedly asked for his iPod. The student refused. My son turned to inform the teacher, and when he turned back to the student, his iPod was no longer visible to him.

The Academy and police investigated which involved notifying the student's parents. Even though my son knows who took his iPod and that the boy acknowledged to my son that he had it (and taunted him about it!), we are still without the iPod.

By condoning this behavior, his father (who was present at his son's questioning by police) is sending the message that it is okay to steal and there are no consequences. I wonder what type of adult he is going to become.

As Mr. Garcia pointed out, how can we expect children to have a moral compass when the parents cannot own up for their minor child's actions? Perhaps this boy's parents will come around and have their son do the right thing.

Eydie Aremburg

Waterford, Vt.


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