In response to 'Stranger than fiction'

To the Editor:

My fear is the author(s) of the Caledonian-Record editorial of May 8 titled 'Stranger Than Fiction' was swept to a disgusting, vengeful, mob mentality based solution by the reprehensible nature of the described Massachusetts court case.

My deeper fear is such a knee-jerk solution might represent a conscious attitude of the Caledonian-Record editorial board. If this is the case it seems to represent the primal morality of 19th century vigilantes.

How else can one explain the editorial board's suggestion they castrate the convicted murderer? Their statement, "the way we'd do it would take 30 seconds and cost only as much as a hatchet and band aid."

The Caledonian-Record has a lot going for it -- employ your collective self-reflective capacity so that I or any of your tens of thousands of readers will never have to encounter such asocial thoughts again.

Drop the pandering and drama!

Jon M. Fitch

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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