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In support of Senator Kitchel -- Sen. Bobby Starr

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In support of Senator Kitchel

To the Editor:

I have served in the Vermont legislature representing towns in the Northeast Kingdom since 1979. Over these 34 years, I have met and served with many legislators. The residents of Caledonia/Orange are truly fortunate to have the outstanding representation provided by Sen. Jane Kitchel. This past session, I was privileged to serve on the Senate Appropriations Committee which is chaired by Sen. Kitchel. There is no committee in the legislature that has to grapple with more complex and diverse issues than appropriations. There are many more requests for funding than can be accommodated and since 2009 there have been significant reductions needed because of the recession. Managing this budget development process, requires organizational skills, an ability to work effectively with others and an incredible working knowledge of programs, funding sources and the requirements that come with them. Sen. Kitchel is widely respected by her colleagues for having all these skills. Most importantly, she works with everyone in a fair and bi-partisan manner.

In my opinion, the most outstanding example of Sen. Kitchel's effective leadership was her success in getting tax credit legislation passed that was needed by a local major manufacturer. Without this tax benefit, which was needed to bring new equipment to this plant, the plant would have become obsolete and eventually phased out. The end result was that an investment of 40 million in new equipment was made and many local jobs were saved. There are many examples of how Sen. Kitchel has worked tirelessly and without a lot of fanfare to help this area. She gets things done without engaging in drama or self-promotion. In fact, I think it is because of these very attributes that she is so effective.

Sen. Kitchel, because of her hard work, intelligence and common sense now holds one of the most influential positions in the legislature. She has demonstrated by her actions the ability to get things done. I can assure the voters of Caledonia/Orange that there is no candidate more deserving of re-election than Jane Kitchel. I urge you to give her your vote on November 6.

Bobby Starr

North Troy, Vt.


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