Intolerance in the Yankee debate

To the Editor:

While driving to my destination in October's snowstorm, I was approaching the three-way intersection on Canal Street. When attempting to stop, my car started to slide. This would not have been a problem, whereas no other vehicles were approaching the intersection. However, a person on a bicycle came off of a side street and cycled right in front of my sliding vehicle, with no regards for his or my safety and placing both of us in danger.

This type of disrespect and disregard of others is the real topic of this letter. Since my arrival in the state of Vermont, I have never seen so many rude and disrespectful people in my entire life. I have no problem with people having a different opinion than my own, because that makes diversity work. But in this community, if your opinion is different than others, for example your ideas regarding Vermont Yankee, people believe that it is OK to speak to you however they want and you should just take it.

This intolerance of other's opinions is ignorance and arrogance at its best. It is a prime example of bullying. Do people really wonder why bullying has gotten so out of control? What kind of example are you setting for your community's children? Case and point, compost-slingers! How would like it if your child came home from school and said that other kids threw muck at them because their opinions were different? Would it be considered "theatrical"? It is juvenile behavior, an assault and should be prosecuted by law enforcement.

I work for Vermont Yankee and I also have an opinion. My opinion is just as valuable as any other person here in the state. I support Vermont Yankee and I also support having mutual respect between people regardless of your feelings about it. I believe that we should take a long hard look in the mirror to examine our own actions and see what kind of example we are setting.

Kenyon N. Webber

Brattleboro, Vt.


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