Is it all worth losing our rights?

To the Editor:

Most of us wanted to find the terrorist after 911. Most of us said it doesn't matter what the government has to do just catch them. Most of us also said the U.S. should go anywhere in the world to find Bin-laden and his cohorts. Well guess what Bin- laden is dead {so we were told by our finest} and a whole lot of his henchmen are either dead or in Guantanamo Bay and unfortunately some are still out there and even in our country which I hate to say.

When the government started prosecuting our American Soldiers for doing something wrong to these scum of the earth cowards that hide behind their own Mosque and their own women and children but our soldiers did not suppose to shoot back if they were hiding like the cowards that they are in a Mosque. Hell it probably wasn't even the one that they went to pray at if they ever did pray.

After what some of those cowards did to the U.S. the soldiers should be able to do any kind of torture to them just like they are doing to our captives they have now and the ones that were tortured in the past. I know our government tried to keep it low key on what those cowardly fanatics did to our people especially our women soldiers. I get mad just thinking about it. I could not imagine if my daughter or son or any of my grandchildren were over there but most of the soldiers and I am including all Armed Forces and National Guards are proud to serve and to do what they have to do to protect our shores.

Now is the problem and that is when are they going to stop taking our rights away from us. I understand that they need to take some steps in fighting terrorist but I believe in my own opinion that they went to far with taking our rights away by allowing the government to much access to our personal information. As far as trusting the government officials in charge I do not trust them with my info any more than a guy off the street. It is sad but true.

So next time you are filling out any kind of form just think about the info you are writing down or once you put the info on the web then it is there forever they say. I do not know if it will ever go back to being the way it was before 911 but I am sure that it will just keep getting worse and worse.

If you get a chance, hug a soldier or a vet and tell them thanks for doing what they did and doing now and tell your representatives instead of giving money to all these other countries while we are so much in debt ourselves we might just as well put a whole lot of money to take care of these people that took care of us when we needed it. Just stop sending money and aid to places like Libya and all those old USSR countries which I am sure we are being taken care of. The big deal is when the politicians start campaigning or open their mouths you know they are Lying to you so trying to get them to help with getting money to help vets is probably useless even though they say they will.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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