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Jim Rust Should Resign - Steve Fortin

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Jim Rust should resign

To the Editor:

There are so many things that are going on in our local government that it is scary. Every time someone brings up an issue they put the blame on someone else. How long can this continue to go on? Mr. Rust (the Grand Pooh Baw) is trying to take over this town with his two cohorts. Did you all see in one of the last meetings where after the second vote Timson changed his vote and Rust gave him the dirtiest look you could ever have. I am wondering if Timson did that to try and look like he is not such a puppet to Rust. If the town elects Rust as town manager it will be a long time before this town gets straight and honest in my opinion.

I back up Kevin Sabens in asking for Rust to resign immediately to bring some peace to this town. He says just like Nelson that they want to do the best for the town. Well I believe they are both on their on agenda. So I hope in March we can get rid of one of the flunkies and put in someone like Ray Labounty that will hopefully do good for this town.

And Mr. Fortier, I might not be able to make a sentence with two words but at least I speak the truth and do not hide behind throwing bad remarks to someone who is bringing you out behind your agenda. Rust will get mad at you one of these days and tell all of us the real truth on that election especially if you keep ragging on him which I do hope you do.

In my opinion you signed on to take votes away from Ray L. so Timson would win. But it backfired and you almost beat him or maybe you did and we will never know because I do not think they will ever do a recount. (Inside job or what?)

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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