John Grega case

To the Editor:

In following the John Grega case in the newspapers I have come to the one inescapable conclusion possible in this matter, that Mr. Grega is the only person on Earth who knows if he indeed did murder his wife back in 1994 in West Dover, Vt. It's an interesting case with many facets to consider. With no admission of his guilt, no definite proof of who committed the crime, he was convicted based on circumstantial evidence. That's exactly the way innocent people are put behind bars. Now with the new DNA testing possible literally hundreds of wrongly convicted people are being freed from jail. In Mr. Grega's case recent testing has now discovered an unknown person's DNA on the dead woman's bodily samples.This has created a reasonable doubt of his guilt. Since he was not condemned to death he now has a chance to clear himself, unlike back in the 1940s and '50s when the convicted murders went to the electric chair.

Only Sherlock Holmes with his deductive logic could figure the Grega case out for sure. But, with no fresh clues even he would have to give up on this one. It's a "cold case" now and the evidence is gone with the years since the murder in 1994. The case borders on Mr. Grega being "tried twice for the same crime" with the new charge for the same crime he was convicted of after almost 20 years. That previous conviction was vacated by the court. It also borders on the "beat a dead horse principal" and appears as an overkill by the legal system. When is enough, enough with a case like this? Since no one but Mr. Grega really knows for sure if he killed his wife why not call it a day and move on. He spent almost 20 years in jail and maintained his innocence all those years. Either way he will have to live with the truth.

Tom King

Shaftsbury Vt.


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