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Keith Brown

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The Obamamobile

To the Editor:

Well it's nice to see, the country is going down the tubes, but our Great Leader drops $1,100.000 for a bus. All for a trip to three of the states he won and to spread the news of what he is going to do to put people back to work. Ya right, if you believe that, I'll tell you the world will end tomorrow. I do not care what Washington, says this is,

it is a look at me photo op campaign trip. I am running again to be your leader, sorta trip. Well he may be your leader but he's not mine.

Seems the taxpayer bought not one but two of these luxury campers. Of course they are painted all black, with dark tinted windows and flashing red and blue lights. Seems the Secret Service (Secret Police) decided that instead of leasing, that they would pay for themselves over a 10 year life span. Of course they are all tricked out just like the "Beast" the official Cadillac. Also, seems the Secret Police won' t say how it is protected but the official Cadillac, has bullet proof glass, able to withstand a rocket propelled grenade, a chemical attack and reinforced doors. So you can guess how these rolling hotel rooms are protected.

Now we get to, "What is all the entourage costing the taxpayer?" you know, all the people riding across the country on this, "Not a Campaign Trip." All on the taxpayers, I'd like to say dime, but with inflation, it's more like, millions of dimes.

Again if he wants to make a statement in favor of the United States, why not take this Campaign Trip, which it is, in an electric car. The taxpayer would pay for the 5000 + or - miles of extension cords. The Secret Service could earn their keep, by running behind and keep adding cords as needed.

I see Sarah Palin is also touring Iowa in her own special bus. Maybe the Prez. and Palin could have a drag race on some Iowa interstate.

Also remember we will be paying for his and his families vacation at the end of this month. More thousands of dollars.

Keep smiling and don't forget we own those buses and I've got first dibs on one for my next vacation, or Not a Campaign Trip, which ever comes first.

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.


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