Kingdom Community Wind project

To the Editor:

I live in Lowell and I strongly support the Kingdom Community Wind projects. The residents of Lowell have voted twice in large numbers to support the wind project. What will the protesting accomplish? This project is happening and stopping traffic will not help their cause. They say its harming nature because they cut down some trees. This is short sighted. The project will benefit nature by helping to combat climate change. The opponents are not making any valid points. They say they speak for all Vermonters and our community, but only a few of them are from Lowell, and they don't speak for me. I supported the project when it began, I supported it the two times we voted, and I support it now. The answer has been given loud and clear. The people of Lowell are trying to respect the protesters rights. I wish the protesters would respect our town's decision.

Ashley Randall

Lowell, Vt.


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