Know your neocons: John Yoo

To the Editor:

First, we play nice.

My compliments to Mark Tucker of Danville for givin' a well-deserved schoolin' ("Apologies all around?" Letters, 9/11/2012) to former St. Johnsbury Academy headmaster Bernier Mayo, who chose to tarnish his credibility and good name by invoking the Republican "You didn't build that" lie on this page.

Bravo, sir. Yeoman's job.

My response to Mr Mayo, I withheld from publication when the Caledonian called to clear it.

It was just too nasty, and this is ME talking.

Moving on to my dear brother Pierre Berube. Congratulations, sir, on your recent nuptials. May you and your lovely bride enjoy many happy years together.

OK. Down to business. In his letter printed September 11th, in response to my calling bovine-produced fertilizer on his claim of a "trend to subvert the Constitution to international law", Pierre recommends I read a book co-authored by John Yoo, a neocon who belongs in a prison cell, not a tenured professor's position at UC Berkeley.


Let's talk a little bit about John Yoo. I'll just cob some stuff straight from open-source Wikipedia:

"As a former official in the United States Department of Justice during the George W. Bush administration, (John Yoo) became known as the author of the Torture Memos on the use of what the CIA called enhanced interrogation techniques.

Yoo also authored the October 23, 2001, memo asserting that the President had sufficient power to allow the NSA to monitor the communications of US citizens on US soil without a warrant because the fourth amendment does not apply.

Glenn Greenwald (an American political journalist, lawyer, columnist, blogger, and author, who currently writes for The Guardian) has argued that Yoo could potentially be indicted for crimes against the laws and customs of war, the crime of torture, and/or crimes against humanity. Criminal proceedings to this end have begun in Spain: in a move that could lead to an extradition request, Judge Baltasar Garzón in March 2009 referred a case against Yoo to the chief prosecutor.

Retired Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, General Colin Powell's former chief of staff (in both the Persian Gulf War and while Powell was Secretary of State in the Bush Administration), has stated the following regarding Yoo: "Haynes, Feith, Yoo, Bybee, Gonzales and -- at the apex -- Addington, should never travel outside the US, except perhaps to Saudi Arabia and Israel. They broke the law; they violated their professional ethical code. In the future, some government may build the case necessary to prosecute them in a foreign court, or in an international court." "

And that's just scratching the surface.

Not exactly someone whose word is any good whatever with me, that one.

I'm supposed to listen to someone's views on the Constitution and international law whose legal opinions, in the view of many, should have him behind bars in that they were used to justify illegal acts?

Pierre, when you're done reading John Yoo's book on international law and the Constitution, you might try reading Charles Manson's book on child-rearing and building healthy family dynamics.

Back to the ole drawing board, buddy.

Eddie Garcia

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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