Lack of respect

To the Editor:

I live next to Legion Field off Elm Street, what an action packed place. There's more drug deals and vagrants staying in the storage shed and the patrons have the nerve to ask for money to fix this field up and they can't even take care of it. It's not even fit to be called the town dump! The tree's are all overgrown and should be cut back. Pretty soon the field will be completely overgrown. Then they will need more money for that.

And the food court, that a really good man, Fred Priest built, hasn't been taken care of. What disrespect to Fred. If he could see it now he'd roll over in his grave. The serving window broke out by vandals and grease hanging from the kitchen fans, which should be cleaned out each week during the ball season. I used to manage a snack bar at Lyndon State years ago, so I know. I've never eaten anything out of that greasy place or would I.

And the trash in this field, the town should be ashamed! Now you know why the Academy keeps their fields gated and chains across the entrances to their fields.

They drive so fast in and out of the field, I'm surprised there hasn't been an accident or worse yet, someone hit or killed. What's it going to take to slow down! A traffic cop! People should use a little common sense and slow down in such a high traffic area.

Also, a lot of people walk their dogs in that field. What about their safety? I sit on my porch everyday for the last six years and have watched it. I have people park in our driveway so the people that live here have no place to park. Come on, where's the respect people? So personally I think the field should be gated off and closed until people learn to respect other people and what they have!

A concerned citizen.

Eric Manning

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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