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Let's Change Procedure - Steve Fortin

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Let's change procedure

To the Editor:

Again reading the local paper it says the town is starting to advertise for the position of Town Manager, kind of late but since they are so late why don't they advertise for candidates like they are and after whittling down to a proper number of candidates have a special meeting which I believe our glorious leader in the middle chair would not complain about since he has called so many special meetings already , and have the meeting before the Town Meeting to look over the candidates and then put it on the ballot so the whole town can vote someone in instead of Mr. Rust and Mr. Lamotte deciding and of course ole Bernie tagging along and shaking his head up and down because you all know he will not go against the Golden Pack.

Now Mr. Rust says he is not telling but wouldn't he have to step down as chairman of the select board before he can run or is it he has to quit the chairman job is he wins the appointment. One thing if it is just the select board to have the final vote then Mr. Rust cannot vote so what will it be a draw? Who would break the tie if it turns out that way. It cannot be the Town Manager we do not have one remember that fine day,I was floating on cloud nine. I am not sure who I would have to contact to see if this could be done.

Wouldn't all of you like to pick your Town Manager? So if anybody knows and would like to get it going then great. That way the townspeople can choose their person to run our town. I know some of the town employees would like to pick their own boss considering what they have had to work with. Nothing against you Ms. McPhee, I am sure you are doing a great job except for those personal e-mails that were in your computer talking town business with Mr. Rust. At least that is how I took it from the article I read.

Everybody have a nice day and enjoy the weather.

Steve Fortin

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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