Let's just hold another election!

To the Editor:

If you're not happy with Gov Shumlin and the single payer mess, then just hold another election! That's right. If you no longer like the person you elected then just have at it again. For that matter, if you are ticked off at your wife/husband then get a divorce. What the heck! That's the way it seems to go here in Vermont lately. Just throw the bums out with the bath water if they say or do something we don't agree with. Never mind that Shumlin is right about single payer. That doesn't matter. What matters is whether we are happy or not. Period! When the legislature votes on who will be governor that is the time for some pay back. Elect the guy with no experience in state government and make the court jester governor. Poor little babies aren't happy with Shumlin and single payer. Boo hoo cry babies. Now do you feel better children?


Tom King

Shaftsbury, Vt.


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