Light from darkness

To the Editor:

Well old-timer I am glad that you realized them immigrants had a little more on the ball than just running off to this here new man's land. They were running away from spiritual darkness as well as servitude darkness. Many of them were classed as serfs and peasants, which sort of turned out to be slaves to them that had them in bondage, of debt morally and physically. When that book from the wine press began to circulate, and them that could read, which was very few, they began to tell their fellow men about this here freedom from the Creator.

Mr. Luther in his ministerial training had gotten that Book of Truth and him and others were doing some comparison between it and the religious powwow that was being passed around and it just didn't add up. About the same time that this here freedom of worship was trickling down to the masses there was also news drifting down of this great big land where one could carve out your own kingdom, and be your own boss.

Now how to pay to get over there was a problem, now you could indenture (slave) yourself for four years and get over here. Now many of them young men and women figured it would be worth it, because after four years they would be on their own. You see Maw and Pa weren't never going to be on their own. Now they brought with them a good work ethic, sun up to sun down. During their indentured time many learned to read and write, even though they had to work at it late at night, they could see pretty good with them newfangled kerosene lamps. As soon as they had worked off their indentured time and went to work for themselves they began to send money back for brothers and sisters to come.

Seems like in the Old Country they were having those religious wars and there weren't none of that going on over here. Ireland had her two-year potato famine and the elbowroom for freedom of the soul and body just got more inviting. Guess them young people a-sitting around in them parks in the big cities expecting others to feed them don't realize the Creator is keeping the report card on each one of them. When they get over there He will read it off of them. He can wait; His tomorrows are always His todays, seeing as how He is timeless.

Rev. Frank Brown

Arlington, Vt.


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