Little blind brown dog

To the Editor:

To whomever hit the little blind brown dog on Calendar Brook Road in Lyndonville the week of Feb. 20, it is really a shame that someone would hit someone else's pet and not have the decency to stop and at least inquire to whom they belonged.

The poor little blind dog couldn't even see you coming. You can only imagine him trying to get away from the noise that took his life. He may have only been a dog but to his owner he was family. Family that he loved and one that loved him back.

Over the last few years we have lived on Calendar Brook Road we have heard of numerous animals getting hit. They get hit because people travel way too fast down a road where the posted speed limit is only 35 miles per hour.

Where can these people be going in such a hurry? Imagine what would happen if a child had been in the road and not a dog, would you have stopped then?

For the Lord's sake please slow down on Calendar Brook Road. Please help save the lives of animals and possibly children.

A lover of pets,

Jeannie Cornell

Lyndonville, Vt.


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