Newt stinks

To the Editor:

So I read that Newt "The Grinch" Gingrich recently said that he thinks the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) protesters should get a job, right after they take a bath. That's telling 'em! You go, Newt! Keep throwing out the red meat for the morally righteous crowd. But let's take a closer look at that advice.

First of all, getting a job is what a large majority of the OWS protesters are protesting about, there are far fewer jobs to get than there are people seeking jobs. Thus, some people can't find jobs, no matter how hard they look. And I would like to ask Mr. Gingrich, just what job is it that he has right now? Is running for president a job? Maybe he thinks that raking in millions of dollars as a lobbyist in Washington, D.C. qualifies as a job, but that isn't exactly a job to me, that's more like a scam. How about his time in office, as a congressman, that may have qualified as a job when he had it, but he no longer has it, and on top of that, that's one of those jobs paid for by the taxpayer, so in effect, he could be seen as having been on welfare, for the amount of actual "work" most of those so-called representatives do.

To me, having a job means something like fighting fires, teaching school, pounding nails, welding metal, making beds, waiting tables, driving cabs, stocking shelves, running electrical lines, unclogging toilets, tuning engines, and so on, you know, doing real things that provide real goods and services to the economy, not sucking off the taxpayer and using your inherited or stolen wealth to make more money -- at a far lower tax rate than the normal working person pays on their income on top of it. Well, so much for having a job.

Now, to the take a bath part. I'm sure all of the protesters would love to have the opportunity to take a bath or a shower, I doubt very few people enjoy being unclean. But perhaps they think they are doing something worthwhile, out there protesting the fact that the nation's "elite" 1% have 40% of the wealth in this country, and the percentage is getting larger every day, and that such protest requires a sacrifice, which includes, among others, being unable to take a daily bath. Perhaps if the wealthy, who make their money off the labor of the poor I might add, were slightly more inclined to share a bit of their wealth with the less fortunate, there wouldn't be a need for protesters. I really do not understand how so many self-proclaimed Christians can be so un-Christ-like. If Jesus Christ were to come back to Earth today, how do you think he would judge those who hoard their wealth and do not share His bounty with the less fortunate among us? Just exactly who is it that is really engaged in "class warfare"?

And then there's the larger issue, perhaps the OWS protesters are dirty and smelly, but is their outside dirt as bad as Mr. Gingrich's inner decay? What about the moral smell that permeates from someone who has had affairs on two of this three wives (that we know of) and who was actually having an affair with his eventual third wife while his second wife was in a hospital fighting for her life with cancer? Now what kind of smell comes off a man like that? So maybe he is squeaky clean and lily white on the outside, but on the inside, the man reeks of corruption and hypocrisy.

So you go, Newt. You be all smug and sanctimonious in your judgment of the OWS protesters, but your day for judgment will come, and when the day does come for you to be judged, I have no doubt what the verdict on you will be.


Frank Brownell

St. Johnsbury, Vt.


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