No more money for the NHMA

To the Editor:

The NHMA which represents mostly select boards and so forth today were allowed to speak to the study committee something citizens were not allowed to do. Why is someone with an orange badge allowed to put forth a bill to wipe out what one citizen spent months working on to have the legislature consider?

I am tired of them getting two three and four bites of the apple because they are supposedly the lobbying organization of the towns. Does that give them more rights than a citizen?

In my last letter I told you they were a monopoly, now I tell you of all the illegal acts they committed and how much of the taxpayers and the employees money paid for health care under their management has been used to pay legal fees for their Directors and $2.6 million dollars to fight the suit by the Secretary of State, which the Supreme Court upheld the Secretary of State and told to repay the towns the money. So they came up with a scheme which says we will apply it to your bill in the future. So where does that leave the employees money that was overpaid? Finally the Attorney General and Secretary of State have called to repeal the Non-Profit status of the Health Trust held under the NHMA and School Boards Assoc.

People tell your selectmen and school boards to Tell NHMA no more money till we know where our return is!

Harriet E. Cady

Deerfield, N.H.


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