No to GMO, yes to GMO labeling

To the Editor:

People should have the right to know what they're eating. In this day and age where a lot more things are possible, we now have to worry about if our food has been genetically altered. It may sound like a bad idea, which would be the correct assumption, however food companies and the biotech industry have started producing foods that are Genetically Modified Ogranisms (GMO) for human consumption. The FDA claims that these are not harmful and do not pose a threat but how can one be sure of this? Never before in history has this been done and we can't possibly predict the health or environmental consequences they may cause. The FDA also regulates drugs and some that are labeled safe turn out to pose a threat and are taken off the market. Do they have financial interests in allowing these types of foods to be marketed with no warning to the public? GMO labeling simply states 'This food has been tampered with, has been genetically modified - Choose to eat it at your own risk'. That way conscious shoppers can choose whether or not they wish to consume that product. Every food item now has all its ingredients listed on the packaging, so why not also mention if it has been Genetically Modified. Most Genetically Modified Organisms were created to withstand extremely high does of Monsantos Roundup because they became tolerant of the herbicide chemicals applied to them. This is actually killing milkweeds which in turn is lowering the population of Monarch Butterflies, and has other far reaching effects. The seeds banks will be overrun by GMO's and once that happens, there's no turning back. You can't un-modify the plants growing around the world after that. Foods will most definitely have residues of these chemicals which is ingested by those who consume them. So if the GMO's don't get you, the chemicals probably will. Some types of cancer are caused by genetic mutations, so should GMO foods be considered engineered cancer?

Jason Nutbrown

Albany, Vt.


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