Northern Pass's proposed route

To the Editor:

This open letter is sent to express my opposition to Northern Pass's proposed route through New Hampshire. For some time now I have been trying to find out why Hydro-Quebec doesn't utilize its existing route through Vermont. The proposed new route is approximately 10 to 20 miles east of the existing transmission line for its entire length. Maps of the transmission lines are available on the Society for the Protection of NH Forests website ( I asked this question to two Public Service of New Hampshire (PSNH) engineers at their public meeting in Stark on August 13th, but was unable to get an answer. They took my name and address and said they would get back to me. So far, there has been no response. Many other townspeople present said they did not get answers to their questions either.

Hydro-Quebec is constructing a transmission line from Quebec to New York City, 333 miles, underground all the way. Why do they think we deserve an overhead transmission line?

Utilizing or expanding their existing 180 mile transmission route would not only be immensely cheaper, but would not cause the environmental damage to the most beautiful areas in the State of New Hampshire. What are the benefits of acquiring properties, right-of ways, as well as costs of construction, when a route already exists? In my opinion, a second alternative route is not needed.

Another question of mine is why is PSNH sucking up to Hydro-Quebec when this power is scheduled for sale in Massachusetts and Connecticut.

The local political prostitutes Gallus, Grenier and King who are supposedly elected to represent their constituents are in favor of the project for the old political password, "JOBS." Northern Pass's advertisements claim 1,200 jobs would be created during construction. What's left after the short-term construction? Wouldn't jobs be created if the existing line were to be expanded? Wouldn't New Hampshire residents to hired for this project? Then again, who is to say the jobs would be from locals. Couldn't Quebec contractors be utilized? Have any of these hookers given thought to what it would cost local businesses serving the tourism industry with the loss of the landscape?

Turn off the electronics and use your brain. We don't need Northern Pass.

Ray Hopkins

Stark, N.H.


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