I hope Obama's Supporters are thinking differently

To the Editor:

I wonder if Obama's supporters still think he's wonderful. I believe that the following may have them think otherwise. Obama's administration took the sanctions off of Iran. They "showed" evidence of halting their uranium enrichment but are refusing to destroy their centrifuges. Iran, has been a supporter of terrorism, has threatened to wipe Israel off the map, has a history of human rights violations, has 2 Americans imprisoned as this is written and has supported Assad of Syria. Why is Obama doing this?

Obamacare seems to be doing more harm than good. It seems to be harming businesses and the middle class in particular. Many people have lost their coverage and /or had to pay a significant amount more. It has caused many businesses to drop their coverage as well, thus leaving many people uninsured. The website has a myriad of problems which have yet to be fixed and is reported as possibly damaging the insurance companies. There is a great deal of backlash about this which caused Obama to scramble to change the laws for damage control without consulting Congress. Isn't Congress the law making body of our government? Obama said he wanted to redistribute the wealth in America. Many feel that this was the purpose of Obamacare.

Notice there has been nothing yet on Benghazi or the IRS investigation regarding the targeting of conservative groups. There has just been a lot of stonewalling. Obama called them "phony scandals". Americans die and he calls it a "phony scandal."

Recently Vladimir Putin vowed to annihilate terrorism after the bombings in Russia. Wouldn't it be nice to hear our president talk like that? Instead what do we get from Obama? The Fort Hood shooting is called "workplace violence," Initially, Benghazi was caused by a video not by terrorists, and after the Boston bombing the term "extreme Islamist terrorist" wasn't even muttered. Don't forget he also wanted to give terrorists the rights of American citizens in court.

Now in our military the pentagon has relaxed the dress code and is allowing beards and other expressions of religious faith. This was brought on by an American Sikh complaining about not being able to wear a beard or turban. I wonder if this new law will apply for all religious beliefs in the military. I certainly hope so. Recently, Christian expression has been being suppressed because of it being offensive to some. Why the sudden change? I guess this person who complained carries some weight?

Obama recently appointed Debo Adegbile to the Department of Justice. It was reported that Adegbile was able to get the death sentence of a cop killer overturned by unfounded allegations of racism. There was a huge outcry from the Fraternal Order of Police as well as the victim's family when the appointment went public.

Obama signed an executive order 13603 which gave himself power to declare martial law and seize private property. This type of action has never been done to this extent. Also why do this in peacetime?

An independent review board said that the NSA's mass data collection program is illegal and should end. Of course the White House is disagreeing with them. Why does Obama need information on all Americans? Does he have information on the illegal immigrants? Yet he doesn't care who votes without an ID?

Obama's wife said that Jane Fonda is her role model. Really? Now this is also the Jane Fonda who paraded in front of our POWS in Viet Nam and stated they weren't being tortured. It was reported that twitter lit up with outraged people. Many feel that she was taking a jab at our military and country.

Is it a bit obvious that Obama has his own agenda? I hope his supporters are waking up.

Alex Foryan

Lunenburg, Vt.


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