UVM routinely raises its tuition annually more than the rate of inflation for any given year. For instance, in 2011, when UVM raised its tuition 5.8 percent, the inflation rate was less than 3.2 percent. UVM has already announced a 4 percent hike for 2012. Tuition for a resident Vermont student is now $13,344 a year, one of the highest resident tuition of any state university in the nation.

That's a lot of money. Of course, as anybody who works in a school or college knows, salaries and benefits account for 70-75 percent of a school/college budget. The highest classroom salaries are paid to former administrators returning to the classroom. Each returnee then collects a "retreat salary," a number promised to them when they took on their administrative duties.

UVM's professional salaries are very, very high, especially for professors with administrative duties. Just to put things into perspective, here is a spread of UVM's former administrators who have returned to the classroom, by name, title, salary, number of dollars more than the next highest paid member of his/her department, and number of resident student tuitions it takes to pay each.

It takes the tuitions of 13.1 resident Vermont students to pay just the gravy differentials of these former administrators, and a whopping 93 resident tuitions to pay their full salaries. Bear in mind that every one of these positions is now filled by another administrator/professor at an equal or better salary.

We recommend that our readers make copies of this chart, and the next time they hear the UVM board or its administrators cry poverty, hand them a copy.


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