Penn State and Miami Dolphins

To the Editor:

The Miami Dolphins remind me of Penn State and their football program. Yes, they have a lot in common. Just like the Penn State football officials and coaches denials of child abuse by coach Jerry Sandusky, the Miami Dolphins' coaches and players deny knowledge of any abuse or bullying of players. Denials a plenty in both camps. Is it "Workplace Bullying and Adult Bullying?" Is this widespread in America? Yes to both! But, after the denials at Penn State the truth came out and the famous Coach Joe Paterno was fired!

Then the crap really hit the fan and others in the administration were fired and charged with perjury. This all happened after Mike McQueary, assistant coach, had reported that he witnessed Sandusky raping a child in the shower. This got reported to Paterno who passed in on the AD who killed the report for the "sake of the football program and university!"

Now the same thing in Miami where Richie Incognito has abused and threatened a fellow teammate, Jonathan Martin and no one on the team, including coaches know anything and they all say they love Incognito! Hello! I think you all know what's going on and are twisted in your thinking! Jonathan Martin had the brains and guts to report the abuse and hazing and the courage to walk away from it all. Coaches had told Incognito to "toughen" Martin up. Duh! With his record and frequent behavior of prior abuse and insubordination Incognito was loving it and went crazy on Martin.

Now the Miami Dolphins are stuck in the same slime as Penn State football. Heads will roll on this one too, so people fess up! Tell the truth and clean it up.

All the best to Jonathan Martin, a brave human being.

Tom King

Shaftsbury Vt.


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