Petition against Northern Pass Project

To the Editor:

Northern Pass is pummeling forward to drive their towers down to and straight through the White Mountain National Forest. Northern Pass has bought up so much of the North Country, that Northeast Utilities is poised to tell their investors that they "have a route"... which is slated to go through the most pristine, untouched, sensitive environmental areas of N.H. without regard to N.H.'s and all our tourists' opinions of the project. So the No Northern Pass Coalition started a petition on to try to get the attention of Tom Wagner, Manager of the WMNF, to get him to see that it is more than "just a few hicks in the North Country" who care about the White Mountain National Forest.

For those who wish to sign this petition, please go to and search for Tom Wagner, or White Mountain National Forest. Click on the link, and read it. Then please sign it, post it to your Facebook, and ask others to sign it. We have to save our National Forests from High Tension Wired hiking trails.

Julie Moran

Colebrook, N.H.


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