Pipeline of horrors

To the Editor:

Imagine the air in your lungs not feeding your brain with oxygen but instead delivering toxins that cause irreversible brain damage and cancerous tumors, headaches that never go away and constant pain. Imagine that the water coming out of your faucet burns like the flame of a gas stove because it is mixed with natural gas and the chemical cocktail used to extract natural gas from deep within the Earth's crust. Imagine that you and your children have been drinking this same cocktail for months trusting that the water from your well, the water from your faucet was safe. Imagine that the rivers and streams flowing across and around Vermont were suddenly filled with the carcasses of fish and amphibians suffocated because the water they call home has been contaminated with chemicals that dissolve gills. Imagine the bodies of cattle, of birds and rabbits and other animals who have drank from those same waters dead and rotting.

Luckily for you and me Vermont is not located over a deposit of natural gas, but unfortunately many communities and wild lands from Pennsylvania to California have experienced what I am only asking you to imagine. If we support the consumption of natural gas and if we allow the natural gas pipeline to run through Vermont we are blessing the continued pollution of billions of gallons of water and the pollution of billions of tons of air both of which will circulate eventually to us. We will also be condoning the poisoning of communities both human and wild.

I don't personally know the people who are suffering, but I know that they are suffering and if we here in Vermont were suffering with such horrible atrocities I would hope that the people in California and Pennsylvania would care enough not to support the industry that causes our suffering.

To learn more about hydraulic-fracturing and how it affects people, and why it is exempt from the Clean Air and Clean Water Acts I suggest you watch "Gasland," available via Netflix, to meet the people suffering.

Jonathan Forrest

Sutton, Vt.


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