Please change your mind!

To the Editor:

I believe in personal choice at the end of life and the separation of church and state. Therefore I am a strong supporter of the Death With Dignity Bill (H. 274) now under consideration in Montpelier.

Rep. Johnson and Senators Kitchel and Benning have all said they will not support this bill! I urge them to change their minds. This bill allows patients with less than 6 months to live to choose a peaceful, painless way to die, if they wish. Just having the option of Death With Dignity gives a patient the assurance that the final days will not be a time of darkness, chaos and pain, and it makes suicide irrelevant. There are so many safeguards in the bill that the disabled should be reassured. For many years nearly identical Death With Dignity legislation has worked in the States of Washington and Oregon without adverse outcomes. Why not in Vermont?

Patient Choices Vermont is the leading advocate for this legislation. For further information, contact:

James Newell

Newark, Vt.


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