Poor display of sportsmanship

To the Editor:

I witnessed an event that should have left two coaches very embarrassed in the lack of professional conduct that they displayed. This took place on January 26, 2012, at a 7-8 grade ladies basketball game between Gilman Middle School and Millers Run School.

Throughout the entire game the two male coaches were continuously standing on their feet and verbalizing in a loud and aggressive manner to their young ladies and the game referees who were volunteering their time to teach students good sportsmanship to mold them into model citizens as adults.

Also, at the end of the game one of the coaches actually advanced to the spectator area and confronted an elder watching the game and actually made physical contact with the individual in front of the young ladies that he was entrusted to lead by example. I have personally coached in the past and feel that practice is the time to educate and we should simply guide the team during games and conduct ourselves in a professional manner being positive role models at all times.

If I resided in the towns that are served by the Miller's Run School, I would ask that the school board to select coaches based on their ability to set a positive professional image of the wonderful school that they represent.

Kevin Wilkinson

Lunenburg, Vt.


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