Post office needs fixing

To the Editor:

It's too bad that our U.S. Post Office can't keep the mail straight. The cost of postage went UP and the service went DOWN.

I have been reading The Caledonian since I could read and understand what was happening local and national and until 12/24/14 really enjoyed it. But since then, I never know what paper I am going to receive. (Examples, I received 2/28 on 3/21, 3/2 on 3/21, 3/3 on 3/20, 3/4 on 3/20, 3/5 on 3/24, 3/6 on 3/27, 3/7 on 3/27, 3/10 on 3/16, 3/11 on 3/20, 3/12 on 3/26, 3/13 on 3/21, 3/14 on 3/30, 3/16 on 3/30 and 3/24 on 3/30). Based on these dates, you can see why I am so unhappy.

When I attended the Academy if I'd done my work as sloppy as the post office, I would have never graduated.

Everdene Hoffman

St. Matthews, S.C.


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