Putting Vermonters in danger

To the Editor:

I am referring in this letter to the story from April 24 Caledonian-Record about the woman from Newport being treated for stage 4 liver cancer whose estranged husband has been charged with using his Power of Attorney to acquire her property without her knowledge while thwarting her efforts to rescind that same Power of Attorney.

Our representatives should consider what might have happened to any Vermont woman in her situation had S77 already been passed into law.

We've been assured by proponents of the bill that in Oregon many patients request the medication to hasten death, "just in case", and are so comforted that they have this option that they never, in fact use it.

Consider the plight of a woman in such a situation if she had requested medicine to hasten death, "just in case," but didn't really want to use it.

Her husband would not have needed to go to the trouble of using Power of Attorney in such a reprehensible way.

There would have been no investigation and no trial. The State of Vermont would have given him the opportunity to murder her and then covered his crime for him.

S77 is a threat to the lives of the vulnerable. Don't put more Vermonters in more danger than we already are in.

Vote NO to S77

Clara Schoppe

St Johnsbury, Vt.


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