Remain disengaged at your peril

To the Editor:

Those desiring "the new world order" doubtless love the motto "Think globally, act locally." But, in case you're among those wondering why regional planning commissions are "helping" you "plan" local development and resource guidelines, you would be wise to probe further.

Last month, some of us went to a Granite State Future meeting that was to be held at the Littleton Senior Center. Myself and eight to ten others were greeted by a sign on the door noting that the meeting had been postponed. As April 9, was the next meeting scheduled in Berlin, I attended that meeting and asked when our Littleton meeting would be rescheduled. The official implied that it might not be. Postponed means to be held later.

When it comes to plans affecting Littleton residents and their children's future, citizens need to show up in numbers and have their viewpoints documented at these sessions. (At an earlier meeting in Littleton, there were relatively few residents attending.) I encourage as many of you as possible to pressure the North Country Council and N.H. Listens to reschedule our town's meeting to discuss Granite State Future. (Contact information is below.)

Remain disengaged at your peril, as you and yours may someday find private property rights greatly diminished. To prepare for this meeting you might want to read Rosa Koire's book Behind the Green Mask: U.N. Agenda 21 . Also, look up the Delphi technique. To learn how "consensus" has been engineered in many communities see "The Delphi Technique: Let's Stop Being Manipulated" at, the website of the Virginia Land Rights Coalition. Don't let yourselves be railroaded into planning that is contrary to basic American tenets, such as private property rights and self determination. And be wary of swallowing the federal funding hook for programs based on U.N. edicts. You might say it's a case of Meet the New World Order -- Old World Feudalism. Only the hierarchy has changed.

North Country Council at the Rocks Estate, 603-444-6303,

Michele Holt-Shannon at N.H. Listens, 603-862-0692,

Sylvia Smith

Littleton, N.H.


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