Animal Rescue... Who benefits more, people or animals?

It goes without saying that animals that are rescued benefit greatly from it. But what about the people involved on several fronts?

First, what about the people who have found themselves in a position where they can no longer keep their animals? Some have been evicted or their home foreclosed on with the poor economy continuing to grind people down. The other apartments or family and friends they would stay with do not allow pets. Others have developed allergies and have to let their pet go. Sometimes a death in the family is the reason for the animal needing a new home, or they can no longer afford the animal's care.

Some people will find homes for these animals or surrender them at a shelter. Others, in their haste or thoughtlessness, will just abandon them, unless another option is available.

Choosing animal rescue shelters over abandoning their pets can save people from a lifetime of regret. Knowing that a pet is being cared for at a shelter until adopted gives some peace of mind.

People who come to our shelter and adopt a cat usually find it a major positive and bright spot in their lives. When we see them on the street, they come up and tell us how much the cat they adopted means to them and show us pictures and tell stories about how they are adapting to their homes. Many post pictures of their cats on Facebook and show great pride in an animal that they helped to rescue. These lives are greatly touched by this new animal in their lives, making it equal in importance to the cat and the adopting person or family.

And finally, there are the people involved in animal rescue itself. While none of us are paid one thin dime for what we do to help the cats, it gives back rewards that monetary payment would not. When we take in an abandoned and neglected animal that has been left behind in somebody's apartment after they moved away, we know how much that means to that animal.

Our hearts are warmed when we see a cat go home with his/her new family and the excited looks on their faces to have this newest member of their family.

Kingdom Animal Shelter is a non-profit organization that depends on volunteers and donations to survive to keep up our work. Check out our website at:

Submitted by Rod Lauman, board of directors, Kingdom Animal Shelter in St. Johnsbury.


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