Santa Claus comes early

To the Editor:

Yes ranting again, David A. this one's for you.

Please read, if you haven't already, the editorial of Tuesday, Dec.13 in The Caledonian-Record.

Seems your governor, Santa Shumlin, has decided to give an early Christmas present to the school boards, raise taxes or cut teachers and or staff (expenses). Shumlin doesn't want raising taxes on his record. So he gives it to the school boards.

It appears the stupid education law is coming back to bite someone in the behind and it won't be your governor or the legislature, they will see to that!

I guess Shamlin sent out a letter to all the school boards to cut expenses or raise taxes. Seems Vermont received $19 million last year, and now the Education Commissioner says there needs to be a 1.7 percent increase to meet the service now being provided. Now, all this, as the school population is going down, go figure. Less students but it's costing us more?

I see that the education bill was as well thought out as was Santa Shumlin Care! Who pays, Oh excuse me the taxpayer! Yea right, you can't get more money by turning the taxpayer upside down and shaking, there is just so much money that can come out.

Now you have the local school boards dealing with this. Do we take on the NEA, the teachers union, good luck with that, or take more money from the taxpayer? Now let me see what are they the school boards supposed to do, flip a coin. Heads take on the union or tails just screw the taxpayer again. No brainer, it's easier to just take from the taxpayer, than take on the NEA, even though the taxpayer can't afford anymore in taxes!

Something needs to be done to cut NEA's hold over this State, again good luck with this one, they own every Democrat in Montpelier. Teachers need to be held to a performance scale, you don't meet it, you're gone no matter how long you have been on the taxpayers dollar, no arguments, the NEA be damned.

Oh, don't forget the economy is getting better. If you don't believe me just ask any politician, be it Washington or Montpelier, they know whats happening?

I'm from the government be it state or federal and I have a big screwdriver so get ready, don't bend over.

Keep smiling Santa Shumlin has a present for you, too, his Shumlin Care. Make sure to protect your wallet if you still have one with anything in it, except pictures of your grand kids. Merry Christmas.

Keith Brown

Lyndonville, Vt.



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